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LOVE Healing Mist

  • LOVE Healing Mist lifts the energetic frequency of the mind, body and spirit.
  • Roses vibrate at 320 MHz which is the highest energetic frequency of any plant in existence.
  • Rose Quartz crystals help strengthen one’s sense of unconditional self love while also attracting love from external sources.
  • Geranium adds a deeply comforting aroma to the mix.
  • Use this mist to draw forth extra love and light.

Healing Mist by Makenzie Flynn is a collection of six handcrafted mineral water based gem essences that are charged under the light of the Full Moon and energetically programmed to serve specific purposes. Every mist contains a unique blend of essential oils, crystals, and Reiki energy. The effects of the mists are most noticeable when used in conjunction with practices like meditation, intention setting, spellcasting, and visualization. To use, shake & spritz into the atmosphere or onto yourself and let the healing begin!